109 Events done & 117 Awards & Honours received for Social Work & Talent Promotion

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Learn how to Make a Record or how to Break a Record at WBTR or how to participate in World Book Challenge/ Attempt


Step 1: Fill the online “APPLICATION FORM” enclosed on our website and send it to us by mail & what’s app.

Step 2: Wait for the approval from WBTR Team. It may take 3 to 7 days time.

Step 3:  After the profile approval, mail all necessary supporting evidences like copy of certificates along with filled application form & brief summary of your total achievements till date and one passport size photograph.

Step 4: After all the documents are received, WBTR Team will process &  filter your profile. WBTR management will decide whether your profile is suitable for WBTR Debut Award or WBTR Global Excellence Award or WBTR Unique Record/ General Record. Incomplete documentation may cause delay in the process of Record or Award.

Step 5: WBTR Team will confirm your record/award l by mail/what’s app.

Step 6:  Selected profile person has to pay the fees by Paytm or Bank Transfer & send a screenshot to us.

Step 7: WBTR team will release your Online Certificate of Award/Record in 7 to 15 days time on our website & social media pages. It will be sent to you by email in case of online applicants.

Step 8: Those who desire to come & take the WBTR National Award on the stage by some celebrities in our next event can apply for the COMBO PLAN—Online certificate + National Award in our next event.

Step 9: Those who desire to come in all our events throughout the year as audience/Guest of Honour/ Jury / Panelist /Participant / Awardee / Record Holder can take the Annual Membership Plan & can avail multiple benefits throughout the year.

Step 10: If any School/College/Academy/NGO is organizing a big event & if they wish to invite a Judge / Groomer / Mentor from WBTR, they have to send a mail to us mentioning the date & time of their event along with a digital poster/ brochure. WBTR will confirm its presence in your event by mail or whats app.

Step 11: Those who desire to join our WBTR SELF TRANSFORMATION COURSE (ONE YEAR) can send their details to us by email or what’s app.

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