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Talent is a natural ability or potential or aptitude or skill. Everyone has a unique talent, hidden inside them. Some people are lucky enough to find out what their talent is during their journey, while others are not. Many people hide or withhold their talents, keeping them secret & close to themselves. This is here lies the need & role of WBTR in the lives of people .WBTR not only gives regular platforms to the upcoming talents, it rather helps everyone to show their talent to the world through various platforms, thereby converting their ordinary talent into extra ordinary talent by giving them right platform & right direction at the right time.


World book of talent records WBTR is a global network and the biggest community of talented people with diverse cultural & professional backgrounds—joining hands together to support the Mission of Social Unity , Social Transformation, World Peace , Talent Promotion & Multiple Social Work. WBTR has a vision to take everyone’s talent to the highest level of recognition & respect at the global level. WBTR is the biggest platform of talent & events . Anyone can be a part of it irrespective of caste, creed, religion & age.


WBTR FOUNDATION also motivates people towards social unity, social work, social transformation & world peace at various levels---it is compulsory for all members coming in our events—be it kids or adults or senior citizens to contribute something for the diving, poor, blinds, slums and weaker section of the society. WBTR has been giving free registration & free promotion to physically & mentally challenged people & slums kids. WBTR is associated with more than 100 NGOs –giving them free support in their events & guiding them in all spheres. WBTR FOUNDATION is a brand name that started multiple social causes through events.

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